01 January 2013

Fix Bayonets...

Nearly twenty years ago I inserted an advert in Wessex Games' Hell by Starlight rules for our planned third game release - Redcoats on Mars. A draft set of 1/300th rules was sat on my Apple Mac but for one reason or another we went down a different route VSF wise with Aeronef and then Land Ironclads (and hopefully sometime this year Aquanef). However, despite producing games allowing for epic air, land and sea battles I still have a love of "God's Own Scale" - 28mm and a desire to play VSF games with 28mm models...

Over the last couple of years an idea has germinated in my head, to produce a set of 28mm VSF wargames rules, not tided to a specific miniatures range, indeed if anything, encouraging players to buy from the manufacturers whose miniatures they liked the best and utilise their imaginations in producing fantastic machines, aliens and scenery. Two fingers to spoon-fed wargaming!

The rules are in a very rough Alpha testing stage at the moment (hopefully public Beta testing will be later this year) but I thought it would be an interesting exercise to have a public conception as I try things out, as well as this blog being somewhere I can display the progress of the armies and models I'm  collecting and painting for inclusion in the rulebook.

I'm not quite sure how long this journey of genesis and development will take, but hopefully you will be interested enough to tag along...


  1. Sounds like a plan to me, Old Chap!

    Pour me a brandy and a bucket of dice! Tally Ho!

  2. A clever use for an old clicky model and the wool makes it look lively.