19 March 2013

British Wheeled Contraption

Whilst other projects have been eating up my limited free time I have managed to make some progress on the Redcoats on Mars model front painting up this Ironclad Miniatures armoured car. The model is pretty straightforward with a large resin hull, separate resin turret and white metal wheels, maxim gun and funnel.

I had originally intended to paint the model up as French but I was unable to source any suitable French flag decals (I wanted to avoid using aeroplane roundels). Of course Sod's Law dictated that twenty four hours after I put the Union Flags on the model I received an email from their supplier listing new French flags! Ho hum...

I'm quite pleased with the way the model has turned out and I will certainly be buying some more from Ironclad as well as some of the other designs. Personally I prefer my Victorian contraptions not to have tracks as I think that is too much a twentieth century conceit and not in keeping the period, but I appreciate I am probably a minority of one here and it will not matter in the rules whether you like tracks or wheels on your vehicles. Fortunately Ironclad produce a nice variety of wheeled vehicles and some of the tracked ones look like they will be easy enough to convert.


  1. That is mighty cool!

  2. I like the look of the wheels, yes, but I also use tracked vehicles. I need to order another vehicle or two from Ironclad soon. The Germans have been complaining about their lack of armoured support on Venus again. And the French may need something to spin about Mars, interfering in Her Majesty's rightful claims.